Parkway Students

At Parkway Students, we want every student in the Golden Triangle to know that we believe in them and the potential that they have. Every Wednesday night we have engaging, fun and convicting messages and an incredible hangout! Each of our services are completely produced and ran by our own students. They have so many opportunities to grow in their relationship with Jesus through attending camp, having hangouts, getting to serve on a Dream Team within services and so much more! Our students at Parkway Life range from grades 6th-12th grade. We hope you join us on Wednesday's at 7 pm in the Student Center to help us Make Heaven Crowded. 

If you have any questions, please contact our student Pastor Alec Keating at (409) 755-1358.

Parkway Kids is an inviting place for kids ranging from six months to fifth grade! Each Sunday, Parkway Kids provides a distraction free environment for kids to encounter Jesus and learn more about Him. Through intentional crafts, prayer and worship and small groups, your kids will leave feeling loved and learn about who Jesus is! Parkway Kids is held during both the 9 am and 11 am services each Sunday.

Please feel free to contact Abby Brian for any questions you may have at (409) 755-1358

Parkway Kids

The Park

The Park is for Young Adults in Southeast Texas from ages 18-30 that come together to Build Relationships, Worship God, and Grow in Christ. They meet on the first Tuesday of every month in the Student Center of Parkway Life at 7 pm. Childcare is available. 

To learn more, contact Brandon Pippin at (409) 755-1358.

The Parkway Classics are primarily made up of senior adults ages 65+ but is open to all adults. Senior living is a vibrant, amazing, fun season of life that should be lived to the fullest. We believe in remembering the past, creating the present and inspiring the future.  You will meet new friends, develop your purpose and discover ministry opportunities. The Classics meet monthly for various events and weekly during the life group semester. 


To learn more, contact Melanie Morgan at (409) 504-8054.

Parkway Classics