Life House Vision

Due to the current changing times and the popularity of online church, Parkway is starting Life Houses, with a vision for them to begin in every community. A Life House is a Spirit-filled environment built off of the New Testament model of having church in houses. Parkway will be the home base (Hub) where all training and preaching will flow. The DNA (Doctrine and Culture) of the Hub church will be emphasized. Life House is not trying to compete with the mega church or any brick and mortar church. We are not trying to reach an entire town with one location, but rather reach a street of unchurched people with the gospel. 

We want each Life House to grow but not become a brick and mortar church. The goal is to reproduce by starting another Life House. Our goal is that Life Houses would serve the purpose of furthering the Kingdom in cities across the world. 

If you would like more information on finding a Life House near you or beginning your own Life House, please contact Cody Morgan at (409) 755-1358.